>happy, happy, joy, joy



we’ve been focusing a good deal on prosperity in our household this week. while we are a paycheck to paycheck kinda family, we usually have all that we need and some of what we want. however, in looking towards planning our future a little better and paying off debt, we are striving to open ourselves to new avenues of prosperity. Himself is looking at going back to school and i’m in process of opening my Etsy store, so that i can use my textile therapy as a means of generating additional income for our rather large family.

soo, my happy this week is that we took a big step in welcoming the Spirit of prosperity into our home by setting up a prosperity altar. (yay).

it’s really very simple. a small taper candle holder and a place for charcoal and powder incense is all we have now. i’m going to be adding a picture of Ganesha later today, and later, a focal point for removing bad spending habits. i’m sure it will evolve the further into our prosperity journey we go, but for now, the less ornate the better. we did have some discussions about placing it somewhere in the house where it would be set apart, however we decided at the end to put it in the kitchen, on the counter next to the toaster. the decision to incorporate prosperity as part of our day to day, instead of something to be set aside and revered just felt right. living in a prosperity and abundance that we create felt more real than having a show of prosperity and abundance.

Himself and I have also decided to work on our spirituality more. We are an eclectic pagan household, and as such, our spiritual structure is what we decide it to be. imbolc, or the returning of the light, is next week, and we are planning a little larger celebration.

the last few months of work and stress have pushed me farther away from my healing practices and getting back in touch with all these things makes my heart sing and my spirit soar.

my happy this week has been reclaiming a little that the outside world has pushed away, and seeking to grow our prosperity and abundance, not just our monetary wealth.

many blessings….


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  1. >Great videos. Love drums, chants, elephants and the Celtic one is so beautiful for spring. Will be interested to see how the prosperity altar nourishes you. Sounds like you've taken some positive steps to enrich your lives.

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